Monday, October 27

Halloween Past

No picture, but Sydney was an orange M&M
Sydney was Gwenivere (I made her dress)

Cleopatra (made by Nana)
Can't remember!!!!
Bunnies (made by Nana)

I can't remember for the life of me what Sydney was, Ally was a monkey and Trey was a Red Dragon. (Mammaw bought their costumes)
Witches (I don't know where pics of Syd and Trey are or if I even took them lol. This picture was taken because Sydney did Ally's makeup when I wasn't looking...)

"Goth" Snow White, Powerpuff Girl, Skeleton

Genies and same skeleton costume from 2006 because it's what he wanted
(Genie outfits made by Nana)

I was thinking back to my own childhood, and I'm totally going to dig up some pics of these costumes because my mom always made the coolest outfits for me in school!! I always won for best costume!
4years old - I was an Indian that my dad's little sister made (she was about 11 at the time) - the rest were made by Dorothy
Kindergarten - Panda
1st - Ballerina
2nd - Raggedy Ann
3rd - Genie on a flying carpet
4th - Baby on a Mommy's back
5th - Happy the Helping Hand
6th - Crash Test Dummy
Age 24 - Goth Chicky lol... (nobody made my costume I just wore my own clothes and a purple wig haha)


Anonymous said...

Boy that Nana sure can sew some fun outfits can't she? Can't wait to see what she comes up with for this Halloween!!! hehehehe

Keppy said...

lol me either - I'm excited!! I'm not even letting them try them on or looking at them until its time to put them on so I can be surprised.