Tuesday, October 14

Dr. Appointments

This morning I got up at 6:20 - YES 6:20 - A M ! - because I had a Dr.'s appt and so did Ally and Trey. We all got our checkups and everything looks good. My Dr. sent me for some blood work because apparently I was anemic on the blood tests I had done 3 years ago, but the other Dr. never told me. She wants to check my thyroid, cholesterol, and all the other basic stuff. So I will hear the results of all this soon, but I don't anticipate any big surprises. My blood pressure was pretty high 140/83, and so she checked it again at the end of the appt, and it was still 138/80 which she was mildly concerned about, but since I don't normally have high blood pressure she just wants me to keep an eye on it.

Ally and Trey looked great and the pediatrician had no concerns. YAY!! :)

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