Sunday, September 14


Omg... Where to start!?!?!?!?!

I guess we'll start with Friday. My mom came up and we took the '04 Audi in to have a few things looked at that were acting up, and then we ate at P.F. Chang's". (It was quite yummy, as always - lettuce wraps - YUM!!!)

Then we dropped Charles back off at home and picked up the girls with the intentions of going to the orchard, but things happened and we couldn't, so the day was pretty much a bust with absolutely nothing accomplished that we'd hoped to do. But anyway ... Oh, and the car?? Yeah $106 for what they fixed on Friday with $500 worth still to do in the near future. Gotta love our car karma. And you might remember my saying that I had a flat tire on the '99 Audi, right?? Yeah, cracked rim - $250. Loverly.

Here is Trey at Goodyear while we were having the tire checked out. (This was actually Thursday)

I snapped a few pics of the girls acting silly at the Audi dealership Friday night:

So then on Saturday we went to the orchard that we'd wanted to go to on Friday but didn't have the time. Since Trey had went home w/ Dorothy it was just me and the girls. We didn't stay long, but we had a good time.

After the orchard we came home and picked up Charles and went to a Home Safety Bus at Lowe's.

So since the girls were good, we decided to take them to the movies. We saw House Bunny and it was VERY funny!

And then today we went to Aunt Sandy's for Kristen's 21st bday. The festivities were cut a little short when Marty got a call that a tree had fallen on her house!!! Craziness!! Luckily no MAJOR damage was done and nobody got hurt! (Of course much fun was had playing dress up in all of Kristen's old ballet costumes)

Oh, and last but not least!!!!!!!

I have a UTI and a cold!!

Yea, I'm miserable. I'm popping AZO, cranberry pills, echinacea, and vitamin C... Hopefully better tomorrow or I'm TOTALLY going to the clinic!

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