Tuesday, September 9

Morning School Picture Day 21, Trey Day 2, and some funny pics

I'm sure Sydney would rather me NOT tell you that she was pretending to be a model before school this morning... Not a normal model, no no no! A "farting model" - one who farts as she poses, yet thinks its totally normal and wonders why everything thinks its odd. Yes, my child is wacky :-) (She takes after Dorothy!!)

Oh oh oh and if you look REAL CLOSE you can see that my car has a flat tire!!!! You knew we couldn't have both cars with no problems for very long!

It was so chilly this morning Trey was having nothing to do with getting far enough away from me to have his picture taken. His bus was like 20 minutes late and just as I was grabbing the key to take him myself she drove up and acted like I was silly for thinking they weren't coming... Ok lady - you normally come 30 minutes before his class starts and it starts in 10 minutes, but I'm the crazy one lol.......

And here is the silly girl tonight acting like a goofball, but still looking adorable.

Trey being Trey over the last few days - and no, he isn't wearing make up in the pic w/ the car, but for some reason it looks like he's had a make over. HAHA Didn't his mother ever tell him not to stick things up his nose?? I've got to have a talk with her!

(And what is on in the background?? Why People's Court, of course!!!)

And last but certainly not least, Ally crawling in the living room window. Is this an isolated incident you ask?? Why, no, this is the normal method for entering the house for my two youngest children. I hope they don't grow up to watch NASCAR... ^^

And here is one just for laughs - Charles looking all ridiculous for a picture Trey took of him.

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