Thursday, August 21

Morning School Picture Day 9 and The Tree Incident

So last night Sydney went to church with a friend. Trey and Ally were playing in our room watching TV - OR SO WE THOUGHT!!! They actually, had sneaked out of our bedroom window and were tearing up the beautiful tree in our front yard - basically the only thing we had left that hadn't been messed up in some way by them. We found out when Sydney came home and I opened the door and the friend, her mom, and Sydney were standing at the door - then I saw Trey and Syd said, "They were crawling on the car..." How wonderful - not embarrassing at all, not in any way - none whatsoever. Then I saw the tree... omg. And of course the branches they broke off couldn't possibly be in the back, no no no it has to be in the front where everyone can look and point and snicker.

Well, Charles wants to cut it down, but we are not making any hasty decisions. My dad thinks it might fill itself back in, so we ust really don't know yet what we are going to do. Needless to say, it was mildly stressful.

Oh, and then when I walked by the car this morning, I saw that they had also taken all the camp chairs out of the trunk and put them in the car seats... Lovely. At least they didn't break anything in there and managed to completely shut the doors so that the battery wasn't dead. Always a silver lining, right???????

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