Wednesday, August 27


I've recently become obsessed with fixing the girls' hair. Up until this year neither of them would sit and actually let me DO much with it, so they normally just got ponies and normal braids. I've been experimenting a little here and there, mostly just to get them used to sitting still while their hair is being done.

I've also done some research online for some fun hairdos. I've found some great sites for ideas. If you are interested - check a few out - very fun!!

So far, I've been taking pics of the girls every morning, and you can see how their hair has been done so far, some days more exciting than others. I'm hoping in the next few weeks to try some more complicated styles - we'll see how it goes!!! The plan is - LESS BORING HAIR :-)

She Does Hair
Babes in Hairland
Jackie & Kassie's Sweet Do's
Piper's hairdos
Little Girl Hair
Girly Do's
Girl Hairdos & Ideas
all girls hair
Princess Charmed Hair

And I'm SOOO making some of THESE this weekend!!

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