Tuesday, July 15

Taking Donations...

If you would like to contribute to the "Keep Keppy Sane Fund" send donations to .... lol

Well, you know, it wouldn't be like me to not share my woes with ya'll, right?????


I'm gonna restrain myself... Things are abnormally stressful around the Boone household, but all I'll share with you is the HOTNESS. And not GOOD hotness either lol. Our good car is still in the shop (and will be for a lonnnnnnnng time since we don't have $$$ to fix it) and so we have to drive the old car - which has no a/c AGAIN! We were told today it's a leaky evaporator core... lovely. To add insult to injury our house a/c is not working right either. We finally broke down and called a repair dude to come check it out they will be here in the morning - and walk away w/ a couple hundred bucks, I'm sure.

Why does everyone want our money???? Can't we keep any of it?? lol

Here are some pictures to enjoy from Sunday when my parents visited and we went to Red Lobster.

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