Tuesday, May 13


Not much has been happening around here really... The late adventures of a desperate housewife have been relatively low key. :-)

Ally has had a rash that seems identical to scarlet fever which she had in November, but her strep swab tested negative. She has impetigo on her mouth and a little spot on her nose, but I found the ointment to get that cleared up soon (HOPEFULLY)...

The kids are almost out of school, and they are way more excited than I am about such matters lol. Charles' trip to Germany is going to be over Memorial Day weekend, so we will be spending some time in Sullivan visiting Dorothy. Speaking of Dorothy, I gave her the cutest license plate for Mother's Day - it says "RBYSLPRS" and has a pic of Dorothy on it. I also gave her a yellow brick road!! I drew it in yellow chalk on her sidewalk - I will try to put up some pictures tomorrow.

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