Thursday, May 22


I just found out today that an old boss of mine passed away in March 2007. She was my boss when I worked my first full time job at Indiana State University. I had heard a few years ago that she had breast cancer and was very sick, but I hadn't heard that she died. How sad.

On a much brighter note, today is Trey's last day of speech for the school year. He was so excited about the final day party! I can't wait to hear about the fun he had when he gets home in a little bit. He took his little bag of snacks - 4 apples, a little bag of carrots, and a tiny box of goldfish. I tried to get enough apples for everyone, but he wasn't really clear about how many kids were in his class lol. I think there are two other little boys and the teacher, because he talks about Brandon, and another little boy "I no know his NAME!". :-)

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