Thursday, April 17

Movies Movies Movies

So in the past few weeks we've watched a TON of movies... I doubt I will remember them all, but here's a list:

No Country for Old Men: Do not rent this movie lol... You might like it I guess, but I thought it was TERRIBLY BORING!

Juno: Love it love it love it. Had to rent it the day it came out on video so I could watch it again. I might even buy it. So cute...

Beowulf: Not thrilled with this... It was like watching a video game, so don't expect it to be normal looking because it IS animated. The movie wasn't terrible, just strange to watch lol.

No Reservations: Pretty cute - average romantic comedy but still fun.

Awake: Interesting concept, and kinda freaky but idk for some reason it bored me a little, too... (Possibly cuz we'd watched so many movies lately haha)

Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium: Charles hadn't seen this yet, and the girls wanted to see it again. We had to watch it twice in a row cuz Ally loved it so much. :-)

The Darjeeling Limited: This movie was different, but I liked it alot. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, though. If you like Indy movies, you'll probably like it.

The Painted Veil: I love all things Edward Norton, so of course I liked this lol. But it really is a good movie - but maybe not a feel good movie...

Speaking of movies that don't make you feel good... The Mist: Don't watch if you are depressed. Weird movie, but it IS Stephen King, so that's expected. By the time the ending came I expected it but it was still worse than I'd imagined and SOOOO DEPRESSING...

I'm sure there are more, hopefully I'll think of them soon. lol

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