Wednesday, March 19


If you get a chance, you really should check out Rikki Lake's new documentary about childbirth and midwifery called "The Business of Being Born". I watched it online today on Netflix and all I can say is wow...

I have personal experience in the snowball effect of birth intervention and the over-usage of c-sections. Sydney was born by c-section in 1998 and I'm still to this day not convinced that it was a necessary procedure, but its been nearly 10 years and I've gotten over it for thb most part. On the other hand, my next two babies were NOT sections as I was adamant about finding a VBAC friendly ob/gyn who would promise to do everything possible to avoid another section. And she did. She was great.

Anyway, the movie was great and I highly recommend it - yeah, its somewhat controversial just because we are told that you are supposed to let the doctors deliver the babies and women aren't capable of birthing for some reason...

But what people in the US don't realize is that we have one of the highest infant AND maternal mortality rates in the world, yet the highest rate of physician assisted births and obviously the highest c-section rate. Kinda makes you wonder huh?

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