Monday, February 4

Sadness, Part I

Sadness, Part 1

This has been a really rough week. We found out earlier this week that Athena (the Rottweiler we used to have) has passed away. She was hit by a car. The girls were devastated, and Charles was quite upset, too, but I'm a little jaded. Unfortunately, all but two dogs I've ever owned have been killed by cars, and the two that were spared the vehicular deaths, met just as unexpected, disastrous ends. (Well, I guess that's not counting my first dog, who I had to give back only months (weeks?) after I got her because we were moving... Not a whole lot better, really...)

And then I had a fabulous day yesterday. Chars and I stayed up all night talking and laughing and reminiscing about our younger days, both before we knew each other and after we got married. It was so great, we stayed up until almost 7am enjoying one another's company. I wasn't feeling well, so late in the day I laid down, but couldn't sleep, only rest. Chars came in and told me that one of our good friends is being deployed to Iraq this week. This is a friend we've never met in real life, but that doesn't make him any less close to us. One of us has spoken with him nearly everyday for the last three years online. He and Charles are very close buddies, and he's very shaken by this. We talked to a few other friends online who know him irl, and we are working on getting his address so we can do what we can to send him items from "home" to make his life in Iraq more bearable. I hope we can track down his address...

Ironically, Sydney asked earlier this week if knew anyone who was in Iraq, and we told her that we don't know anyone personally over there at this time that we KNOW of. The people we knew are already home safe and sound, thank God - but nobody really close to us has had to go at all, and this has hit our home hard. We are FAR from the first family to have this happen, I realize this, but its just brought this whole war nonsense really close to home...

Please keep our friend in your thoughts (and prayers if you are so inclined). His name is Thomas Dunn - aka "Glyph". As soon as I know more details I will let you know.

On a semi-related note, Sydney brought up the election with Iona (my mother in law) on Friday night at Chili's and asked who she was planning on voting for. My mother in law was hesitant to answer and finally said she wasn't going to vote (which Sydney thought was terrible lol) and Sydney started talking about the candidates - and to my amazement (and great pleasure, I might add) was able to rattle off three of the four candidates. She missed McCain - most likely because we never discuss him around the house. She was a full-on Barak supporter, too. (Too which I quickly said quietly, "I'm so happy... I raised a democrat!") LOL!!!

It was so cute. She said, well, if I were 18 I would vote for Barak, because he wants to help the people out. I realize she is too little to understand much of what's going on, but the election is a hot topic around our house lately, and most evenings are spent watching CNN and its amazing the things she's picked up on! Maybe she's an aspiring little Hillary herself hehe!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the song. I'll listen & watch again & let you know. Syd may surprise us all and go into politics, things will never be the same! Ally and Trey can "run" behind her, not for offices, just "run"! hehee

Keppy said...

That song is old - it was popular when I was high school.