Thursday, January 17

Yummy yum yum!

Tonight I really wish I'd had my camera out to take a picture of the beautiful dinner I made! Caramelized Salmon with Pineapple and Orange Salsa, Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots, and Green Bean Amandine. It was all as tasty as it was pretty, too. I made desert tonight, too, an apple and cranberry pie - it wasn't wonderful. I didn't have any shortening or real butter so the crust was made w/ margarine, so I knew it would suck, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?? lol. I had bought a bag of apples at the orchard yesterday and the kids were eating bites and leaving half eaten apples around already, so I needed to use a bunch quickly. ^^

I don't know if its because of the running I did after the dog yesterday, or just because of my body's stupid reactions to cold weather, but I have been terribly uncomfortable today. Whole body aches, and I was on the couch nauseated all morning, but fortunately by about 1pm that had passed. (no, I'm not pregnant, I can guarantee you that lol!!!) I'm hoping I can move around better tomorrow, because I gotta clean house and get ready for Dorothy and the Wizard who are coming up Saturday evening for Trey's birthday and to work on our water heater again - yea, its STILL not working right...

Speaking of Trey's birthday, his "homework" on Tuesday was to color in this birthday cake and cut it out and glue on candles, but we couldn't find any glue then he lost the paper so it didn't matter anyway... BUT - we were supposed to practice saying "My birthday is January 22". So every time I'd say "my birthday is" he'd say TREY BOONE! and laugh and laugh lol. It was really cute!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he a cutey. And he says his "girlfriend" is Nana!!! What a grandson!!! Dorothy