Tuesday, November 6

Poor KiKi - and Trey's evaluation

Isis (our cat) had to go to the vet today. She hates me now, its official!!! She got poked, prodded, then brought home and had pills and liquids shoved down her neck hole lol... She has anxiety - poor thing!! She has fleas, well, she had ONE flea on her, but her issues are stemming from her having had fleas - now she has anxiety about itchiness and is habitually overgrooming as a result of this anxiety and stress... So, we treated her for her fleas w/ a pill and the "squirt on the neck stuff" (which I haven't gotten on her yet - she was too upset for anything else lol). Then she's on prednisone for her itchiness and an antibiotic for her sores. If after 1 month she isn't better she has to go on some short term anti-anxiety meds. They also gave me a flea treatment for Athena.

What a fun day!!

Oh, on Sunday Trey got a haircut - he got a mohawk and it SOOOOOO cute you can't even believe it!!! I'll try to get a pic up from my phone. Its ADORABLE and he loves it. Its funny because like every other man that passes him out in public comments about how awesome his hair is. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and rub his head lol. He walks around asking us to rub his bald head hahaha!

We picked up his evaluation today - and he is "severely delayed for his age" in his communication skills. So, obviously, he's gonna be eligible for preschool - I hope he likes it!!! I also hope it starts soon! We have our official meeting next Tuesday about the whole evaluation so we will know more then.

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