Monday, November 12

Kidney Stones

I'm trying to pass some kidney stones... its great fun!!! I am hoping this will all be over and done with in the next few days. This is FAR from my first trip down this road, though, so I at least know what to expect. So far the pain has only been about a 1-2 compared to the 10 I had with the stone I passed when I was pregnant with Allyson... Wow! That wasn't a pretty scene, lemme tell ya! I think this will probably be stone #11 or something like that at this point. I've passed 2+ w/ each pregnancy and 2-3 since Trey's been born. I've only ended up in the ER once though. Well, twice, but the first one they sent me home w/o being seen because the pain had subsided and we were poor lol... I passed the stone the next day. The one REAL time in the ER was when I was pregnant with Ally. I was delirious with pain and threw up 20+ times in one hour- no joke. I was in the ER waiting room on the bathroom floor writhing in pain and throwing up for nearly 2 hrs before I was finally seen. Then they finally gave me morphine and it was heavenly lol!!!! I was instantly asleep.

Anyway, I've only had to take 1 vicodin for the pain so far, so its really not been that bad. But I know how bad the pain CAN be, so I get VERY anxious about any little twinge. Those of you who know me in real life know that I have very serious anxiety issues anyway, so added anxiety or pain isn't a good thing for me lol...


NannyOgg said...



Hope you pass it fast and painless!


Anonymous said...

Big praying going up for my Toto!!