Thursday, October 11

Even though you said it would NEVER happen!!!

I went through my yarn stash today!!! :)
I gathered all my needles and hooks that over the past year had been played w/ by the kids, etc. I didn't have high expectations on how many needles/hooks I would find but I was VERY pleasantly surprised!! I have nearly everything! I haven't lost much at all! (And a few of those missing items I think might be in my room hidden somewhere by the computer lol.)

I told everyone that I would be starting knitting/crocheting again once it started to get cold and we've had record highs AND record lows this week, and headaches galore to go along w/ it, I have decided its time for the diversion... the soothing mindlessness and meditation of "yarning" lol...

I think I will start with a quick ugly pair of slippers. :-)

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Crystal said...

Girl, get all that yarn and those needles and come back to knit night. We miss you!