Tuesday, October 30

Busy Busy

Its been busy around here the last few days! We had my bday party at my parents house on Saturday which was lots o' fun. They had a cookout and I had a cake and everything hehe...

I've been doing LOTS of genealogy stuff lately! Sleep is eluding me, so I stay up all night reading censuses lol!!! Yeah, I'm weird like that!

Today was Trey's first day of evaluations. Poor little guy peed his pants, so he must have been VERY engrossed in whatever they were doing because I can't even tell you the last time he did that... Oh well. He seemed to have a great time, though! He is really excited about going back tomorrow! We will get the results on the 6th, and then we have a conference to make decisions about placement, etc. I'm nervous, but confident that all will go well.

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