Thursday, September 20


I was doing some research online about speech delay, etc. and came across this:

4 YEARS: A four-year-old can follow two-step directions such as "close the book and give it to me". She also knows her first and last name, can answer reasoning questions such as, "What do we do when we're cold?", and can tell a short story such as, "two kids played ball." Sentences are usually 4 to 5 words long. By four a child is giving directions such as "put my shoes on" and asking many questions. A four-year-old understands 1500-2000 words and can use the following pronouns: he, she, you, me, I, mine.

This makes me sad... Trey is almost 4 and isn't anywhere near this. I knew it was bad, but living with him day to day sometimes makes a person forget how severe his delay is, you know?


Anonymous said...

Yes, but he is our Trey, and we will find him help somewhere before long. He will either catch up or he won't. Right? We cannot change it by WORRING, so stop it Toto. I will have to come up there and slap you with one of those apples on Thurs.
(Aren't ya glad I love ya?)

Keppy said...

Oh, "worried" is not a word I would ever use to describe how I've ever felt about Trey. (Except maybe for a few days when there was a potential medical scare before he was born, but that was short lived.) I love Trey Trey no matter if he can ever tell me or not... :-) He's so lovable that anyone would be hard pressed to NOT love that kid! lol