Friday, September 21

More feelings about Trey...

Since Dorothy thought I was terribly worried about Trey, I wanted to restate what I said the other day... "worried" is not a word I would ever use to describe a feeling I've had about Trey. I have no doubt that he will grow up to be fully functional, and completely able to contribute to society in many ways. I really honestly believe that he will talk eventually, and so I've never been "worried". My feelings about Trey's speech situation are more along the lines of frustration with other people because they don't understand, sadness (in a self-centered sort of way) because he can't tell me he loves me, etc. (Well, that's not ENTIRELY true - when he wants to say he loves someone, he says "Me momma uh-huh" or "Me Sinny uh-huh".)

BUT - anyone who is around him for more than a few minutes honestly can't help but fall in love with him because he says more by saying less than one could ever imagine.

Dorothy, you are right, we all love Trey no matter what, cuz he's ours, and he's exactly what we all needed.

I did talk to the RISE Special Services intake person today and he is scheduled for his evaluation on 10-29/10-30. Its an intensive 2-day (5hr) process in a mock classroom setting with a speech therapist, a psychologist, and a teacher. They will be giving him a COMPLETE evaluation, not just checking out his speech. I am SO grateful for this opportunity because now we will know more about exactly where he stands and where to go from here. After the evaluation, we go back 2 weeks later for the conference to discuss treatment options and a diagnosis, etc. Needless to say I'm VERY excited about this - hesitant, but excited. Trust me when I say that I'm prepared for whatever they say as I have my own thoughts about exactly what's going on and I really believe they will tell me the same things my "mommy instincts" have told me for a long time. I won't go into all of that here for many reasons lol - but I promise to keep everyone informed of how things go.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Toto, wouldn't it be great if more people could say as much as Trey says to us when he looks at us and grins, as it takes them paragraphs to say? hmmmmm, maybe I should listen to that and speak less, too?!?!??! Oh well, I can't wait to here what they say either, then, like you say, we can compare your notes and their notes, and get some answers.

Keppy said...

I know - I'm VERY excited. I talked to a good friend of the family who is a nurse at a family function today and her and I were comparing notes and she had many of the same thoughts that I did. I'll be so happy to have the answers we need. :)