Tuesday, September 11

In Remembrance...

September 11, 2001

As everyone in the country, I remember vividly the morning of 9-11-01. Michelle and I were driving to work and were running a little late as usual. When we walked in someone said a plane just flew into the WTC. We were like, whatever... And she was like LISTEN and turned up her radio at her desk. As the minutes went on I checked CNN.com every 2 minutes because their site was completely down trying to get only immediate information up and disregarding all other news. I was about 6mos pregnant and I remember feeling very very ill about bringing a child into a world that would soon be consumed in war. I can't tell you how sobering that thought was to me.

The time went by so slowly - students filed somberly in and out of our office (I worked in the Financial Aid Office) and nobody cared about FinAid, everyone just needed another person to talk to about what was going on. We took turns going downstairs and watching the TVs in the student's lounge. I happened to be down there when the 2nd plane hit and I thought I was going to be sick.

I called Charles at his work (downtown Indy just off the circle) and he said that roads were being closed and military trucks were all over town w/ armed men...

The whole day was surreal - as it was for everyone in the country. My mom talked about where she was and how she felt when JFK was shot and this was one of those moments. We've had a few others in our generation: the Challenger and Katrina...

And the little kids are just learning about it - for instance, Syd said to me as I was on the phone w/ Dorothy last night - tell Nana I said "happy whatever tomorrow is"... I kept thinking tomorrow isn't a holiday - ohhh... "Sydney, honey, tomorrow isn't a holiday and its nothing happy. 9/11 is a sad day of remembrance of the people who lost their lives in when the towers fell."

My heart goes out to anyone and everyone who lost someone six years ago - that day changed everyone's life and we will never forget!

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