Thursday, September 27

Field Trip

Ally had her first field trip today - we went to Tuttle's Orchard. It was short, but fun and let me just say - they have the BEST apple cider I've ever had!!!!!

We got there an HOUR before the bus though, because we didn't know they were going to stop at the park and run some relay races first... it was ok though. (Dorothy came up to help out w/ Trey and because she loves orchards - she was going to take me to the movies for my bday, but she went home early cuz her head was hurting.)

All in all, it was a good day... (Until after school and the kids came home and were acting psychotic, but that's another story... lol)

Just 45 min until the CSI season premiere!!! I still can't decide if we are gonna watch it tonight or tomorrow on demand and watch Grey's Anatomy tonight. I better decide soon lol.


Anonymous said...

Orchards are one of life's many wonders. If any of you have never taken your children to an orchard you need to do that! Just to get those "fresh" apples, or that unbelievable cider that that Tuttle's has, is a nice outside activity for you and your kids on a crisp fall day. They will enjoy seeing all the different apple trees and maybe even picking their own apples, if you so wish. So go on it's not that bad, let them run, jump and play---they don't use the apples already on the ground anyway, so they cannot hurt them!

Keppy said...

Yup - orchards are really fun! We've gone so many times since we've lived in Indy that I can't count lol. The kids love it - and there is usually a corn maze or a straw play area or something, too in the fall - also very fun. (And cheap entertainment)