Wednesday, September 5

Ally and School... and Terrible News

Well, Ally still loves school but things have been getting harder and harder in the mornings with her... She gets up ok, eats breakfast, brushes her teeth, watches cartoons, and then goes willingly to wait for the bus... And then the bus comes into view and she melts down, her face scrunches all up and tears start flowing and she cries that she just doesn't want to go to school... Its so hard putting her on the bus. Sydney tries to make it easier but sometimes Ally doesn't want Syd to touch her. She cries and waves at me as the bus leaves. Its horrible. When she gets home she talks about how much she likes school and is excited about it... Separation isn't easy for her. *cry*

We also got some devastating news this weekend. Chars' closest cousin Jada's husband was diagnosed w/ Stage 4 Lymphoma. Two weeks ago he thought he had strep throat, then they thought he had meningitis and then finally the worst diagnoses was made. I won't go into the complexities of the relationships involved here but there are many close relationships involved in this and its just a really sad sad situation. Charles stayed at the hospital with them until about 1am. At first there seemed to be no hope but now they are defining the problem in more detail and making plans of action, etc.etc. I will keep you all updated as we find out more information. But please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate this with Ally!!! All was going so well. Maybe with the cold and all she just isn't feeling her best yet? Maybe she is just now feeling chalenged with the work? She always tells me how much she loves all of it, so it has to be just, like you say, the leaving home part. snif!snif!

Keppy said...

I talked to her about it this morning and she said, "It just takes so long to get home!" So I think she loves school, it just lasts too long for her comfort zone.