Tuesday, August 14

First Day Jitters

Well, they are off... And about 15min before the bus came the pricipal called me and told me that Ally qualified for full day Kindergarten and would have a different teacher. Her new teacher is Mrs. Depp... LOL Wonder if she is related to Johnny oo lala hehehe. Now I don't have to worry about picking her up on the 3x/wk that Charles works at work!! YAY! (Of course that means more free time for me so he's already making a honey-do list... haha)

Sydney has the same teacher she had for 2nd grade last year... lol hopefully that works out ok - there was only minor problems, so it should be ok.

Updates to come when they return home.


Anonymous said...

Well Ally was on the phone with her Nana this morning and she was VERY excited about going to school folks!!!! She was by her sister that she looked like a "jenie" with her all pulled on top, and she felt very pretty. When the bus cam into view I could hear her say "oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!" But in a very high pitch, squeeling, excited, happy way. Yes, Ally has arrived at the idea that the First Day of school does not have to be the Last Day of her life. Oh hes, God is good, she gets to go all day, which is an answer to prayer for the Mom of the house!! Right Toto?

Keppy said...

Yes... her being all day has solved SO many problems.