Thursday, August 9

Ally's Big Day!

Ohhh tomorrow is Ally's big day! Her kindergarten orientation!! She is less than thrilled. She really really REALLY does NOT want to go to school. They are doing DIBELS testing tomorrow and she wants no part of that either. I'm a little worried that she won't "pass" these tests... The worst that will happen is she will be in all day kindergarten instead of half-day, but I'd hate for her to be in anything considered "remedial", you know?

Sydney is really excited about 3rd grade. Right now she's at Mammaw's chilling out before school starts next week. We went and got a bunch of school clothes the other day - now to just get RID of all the clothes that down fit anymore!!! Sydney doesn't know who her teacher will be yet, but she said that Ally's teacher is really nice. (Of course Ally doesn't CARE about this because she is determined she is NOT GOING...)

Trey might even be starting school soon too. We've wavered back and forth between putting him in preschool and after talking to the pediatrician decided that its probably for the best. Other kids will "force" him to interact and hopefully jumpstart his communication skills. I put together a list of all the words/phrases he says - I'll try to post it next week.


Mrs. H said...

Poor Ally! Maybe she'll like it once she meets the other kids and starts to make new friends.

Hope all goes well with Trey. *hugs*

Keppy said...

yea, i'm hoping so!

Anonymous said...

The main thing is that Ally will NOT be the only one that does not want to be there!!! Bad for the teacher but at least that might make her feel better. What on earth will Mom do with the whole day to herself??????? Moom

Keppy said...

SLEEP??? haha clean?? naaah

Crystal said...

What pre-school are you thinking about? We might be doing the Edgewood Co-op school for our little guy.

Keppy said...

Well, we are going to go through R.I.S.E. special services. They are kind of the next step since he's no longer eligible for Indiana First Steps because he's three now. This preschool curriculum would be geared towards his speech delay and communication.

LOL Hey, Crystal!! You wouldn't wanna go pick up Ally from Thompson Crossing three times a week would you?? hehehee