Wednesday, July 11

Fun Times in New York

Well, we finally made it to New York on Sunday. We took off Saturday evening after my last post. We still have no car, but its getting the finishing touches right now lol... Hopefully it will be ready today. (Although I don't really want to leave we are having so much fun out here with Steve and Shirley and Karin.)

Three days have passed so far and we have been in the water everyday! Yesterday we drove to Moose River and that was so much fun!! I never would have imagined I would have swam in a river, but I did (Ally at one point went skinny dipping but that's another story for another day haha)... And I have a TAN!!!! If you know me irl, you know how RARE that is lol!! I haven't really ever had a tan in my life, but I do today. And all the kids are sunburnt (not too badly, I'm a sunblock addict). Charles has one too - we are all miserable haha.

Tonight we are going to go have some yummy Italian food - we are very excited! Many many many pictures have been taken and I can't wait to share them with you!!


Crystal said...

I am so glad you are having a good time, you deserve it! Yay on the car too!

Keppy said...

LOL OMG - we SOOO needed this trip after all this stress, lemme tell ya!! :-)