Saturday, May 12

Swingset Day!! (PIC HEAVY!!)

Well, I was up all night with my stomach issue, so I didn't get to go to Sydney's game this morning. I was too sick and too tired. Anyway, Charles said she did well, and Iona (MIL) had a good time, too.

So my "gardner" [AKA dude who mows my lawn for $20] knocked on my door at EIGHT-FORTY-FIVE AM to see if I needed my lawn mowed (which I did). I told him to mow, but I was going back to bed lol. Even though he was mowing I was able to go back to sleep. He finished JUST as Dorothy was coming to the door - YAY! She had brought us the swingset.

I was still sick, but went outside with everyone after they got home from the game to "help" put together the new toy. I really just mostly lay on the grass and moaned and groaned lol... But ol' Dorothy was kickin' butt helping Charles out! As she was helping I noticed her cute toes... FAKE TOENAILS!!!!! Who'd a thunk it!

LOL Of course there was much drama during the whole course of things, what with Dorothy smashing her pretty toenails with the "Stairway to Heaven" and Sydney faking getting hurt in the truck unloading parts.

Charles had lots of fun putting this together... It didn't take long - only 7 hours!!

But the kids kept busy the whole time... Well, most of the time. :-)

It was all well worth it though. The kids LOVE the new set! (Although in a few of these Trey is playing on the old swing and having a blast lol... oh well.) Oh, and don't mind the trash in the pictures, we had Olive Garden take out and it seems there was a salad fight on the new swingset hehehe!!

At the end of the day we are all exhausted and sunburned (even though I was slathering sunscreen on us all through the day). But it was a good day. I haven't been outdoors for 8 hours straight in like 30 years hahaha!!!

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