Sunday, May 13

So I hate my dog...

Ok, I don't really HATE her, but I certainly don't like her lately. Every time the kids open the back door to go outside, the dog squeezes herself outside, too. Which means she ends up making a beeline for the pond. With me chasing her... It takes FOREVER to get her to stop running and allow us to grab her, and then if we are LUCKY she doesn't struggle her way out of her collar! >< (Which btw is now properly adjusted so it won't/can't happen again.)

Today we bought something to fix the problem!

Innotek In-Ground Dog Fence!

That means Charles is outside digging a trench hehee. We have spent more time outside with the kids this weekend than we have for a LONG time (too long).

Oh yeah, I didn't mention we drove to West Lafayette today to buy a part for our dryer that Sydney broke this morning and we drove all over Purdue University campus reminiscing. Admittedly, he spent way more time than I did - he was there for like 1.5 years I was only there 11 days before I got injured and had to quit... oh well. :-)

And - for the grand finale............ We went to Bob Evans to eat this afternoon and we were trying to get the kids to quiet down a little before the food came because they were getting a bit loud, and Ally said, "Mom, it's MOTHER'S DAY! We'll do ANYTHING you want... except clean and be quiet." LMAO! Wonderful... Of course a few hours earlier she was getting cranky in the car and started crying, "PLEASE! PLEASE GOD!!!! Give us a new mommy!!!" Yeah, that's JUST what I wanted to hear on Mother's Day... LOL Meh, they love me deep down in there somewhere!!!!!

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