Tuesday, May 8

Silly Stuff

Here are some of the best things I've been able to locate on YouTube. Things that over the years have been stuck in my head and now, through the wonders of YouTube, I can listen to them ANYTIME I WANT TO!!!!!

Veggie Tales - Water Buffalo
Veggie Tales - I Love My Lips
Sesame Street - Mahna Mahna
Sesame Street - Eleven Twelve
Tootsie Roll Commercial

I couldn't find these on YouTube, but found at least samples elsewhere.
Veggie Tales - Oh No, What We Gonna Do?"
Sesame Street (The Count) - Count to Nine


Marigold said...

I haven't watched much Veggie Tales, but I found one that made me ROFLMAO!

Veggie Tales - Endangered Love

Keppy said...

When Sydney was a baby it seemed like we ALWAYS watched Veggie Tales. The little two never really got into them so it's been a long time since I've watched them. The songs still are stuck in my head though lol.