Thursday, May 17


I've been TAGGED again. :-)

8 random things:

1. I graduated from Indiana State University with a BA in English, and minors in both linguistics and psychology. Before that, I was at Purdue University with plans to study Pharmacology.

2. My favorite colors are black and purple.

3. The coolest bookstore I've ever been to is the Barnes and Nobles at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. This is twice the fun, because the Hard Rock Cafe is in the same building.

4. Speaking of HRC... This is something we try to visit on every trip we take. So far, I have been to the following:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Washington, D.C.
Baltimore, Maryland
San Francisco, California
Chicago, Illinois
Hollywood, Florida
Indianapolis, Indiana
Orlando, Florida

5. I am totally addicted to the Internet...

6. I currently have my ears pierced (1x), and my tongue pierced. Over the years, I've had my ears done 3x each, and my nose pierced.

7. I have 2 tattoos. A vine with hearts on my right wrist and a tribal on the nape of my neck.

8. Like Marigold, I think it would be awesome to just be buried in the ground without all the fuss... But since that probably won't happen, I want to be cremated. Charles and I both want to do without the funeral and have a party instead where people can eat, drink, and celebrate why they liked having us around, not crying about how we are dead. BUT IF MY FAMILY INSISTS ON A FUNERAL: I want NO funeral music, I want stuff that I liked to listen to playing...


Anonymous said...

Um, Charles is your Family, mainly! If you and him have decided in NO funeral then that is your choice. Were you talking about the Kids? Well, then if that is the situation they might have a small say but it is mainly yours and Chars' decision, don't you think, really? I am leaning more and more toward that direction all the time, what do you think The Wizard will say???? Ooooooo, scaaaarey!!!!

Keppy said...

The Wizard will just have to deal with it... lol