Tuesday, May 15

Funny funny funny...

UPDATE: After Dorothy's post explaining this picture, it seems that the Red Hat Society is to blame for this. :-)

My mom sent me some emails this morning, and included was this lovely one of my grandma "at her best" as my mom said. LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Let Dorothy explain what you are looking at, exatly!?,mmm, sort of.
This is Dorothy's Mom, which in it's self says a lot! She won the glasses at a Red Hat party, thus the "little" red hat. She has a beautiful Red Hat that she has decorated, why she doesn't have it on is another question all together! The funky glasses were won by a table partner that didn't want them, hmmm wonder why? Anyway, this is our story and we are sticking to it, huh Mom?

Keppy said...

LOL Sure... Dorothy, you KNOW that she dresses like this all the time!! :-) hehehe That's where you get your sense of style, girlfriend!!