Sunday, April 29

Sewing sewing

My first quilt ever is officially 1/2 complete. I am making a denim rag quilt, it will be frayed with the seams showing, denim on the front, flannel on the back. So far its pretty cute. Its not perfect, but I like it. :-) And Ally has given it her seal of approval, so it must be ok haha!

Sydney had two games this weekend, so things have been hectic. They lost yesterday, but I think it was tied today. They don't really keep score, so sometimes its hard to know lol.

And, what a bad mommy I was today, I forgot the sunblock and poor Ally has a sunburn. >< I'm normally really almost anal about sunblock and my kids skin, but for some reason I just spaced today. I feel so bad about it, but there isn't anything I can do now. I am burnt too, but not as bad as she is. (She's not burned really badly, just red.)

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