Monday, April 16

Go Veg?!?!

Charles and I have talked on and off since we got married about giving up meat. We've never followed through, but we have discussed it many times. We have made some baby steps over the years, and tried to buy products that are ecologically sound, like not eating veal, and buying recycled paper, and most recently giving up paper towels and napkins, and buying Seventh Generation baby wipes.

(BTW, is a good place to start looking at vegetarianism.)

Anyway, Charles has expressed desire to give meat the ol' heave ho again, so we are going to attempt to phase it out. There are some things that we know we like already, like some Morningstar Farms products, and nearly anything by Boca is delicious! We like fried Lightlife: Organic Three-Grain Tempeh. I really like Natures Burgers, but he isn't a huge fan. The one problem is Charles hates tofu, so that does pose some vegetarian dietary dilemmas.

So anyway, I will probably be posting about things we try, etc. We'll see how long we can last this time. Hopefully we will do better with this attempt! :-)

I will really miss the medium-rare Outback steak that I get like 3x/year! HAHA!!


NannyOgg said...


Go for it!

I went veggie before my pregnancy with Erik, so must be 7 years now at least. The longer I am veggie, the more the idea of eating meat grosses me out.


Keppy said...

LOL Funny you posted so quickly, I was going to edit the post and say that I would probably be asking you for some advice along the way! :-) I was soooo thinking of you as I was typing this post.

Mrs. H said...

You are very brave. I've tried this more than once and haven't been able to stick with it. In fact, I was downright grumpy and mean. :)

Keppy said...

HAHA! Mrs. H...
It will be hard, but we are going to do this gradually so it will be easier for us. We don't eat much meat really anyway, mostly just ground beef, honestly. Charles will only rarely eat chicken as it is now, and we never buy steaks, etc. We only eat things like lunch meat about 3-4x/year. We'll see how it goes :-)