Thursday, April 12

Bathroom painted!

I can't believe I did it, but I cleaned up the kids' bathroom and paited the walls blue. The same blue that I painted the kitchen, but it looks much less purple and more blue than the kitchen.

I am exhausted, but it's done. Well, the paint is, like all the other walls in the house it still needs border, and I am going to paint the trim green like the grass I think. I told Syd I would put up a floral border, something fun and young for them, but not too girly, just pretty.

Speaking of Syd, she missed soccer practice tonight because I didn't have a vehicle to get her there. We took the Audi in to have the transmission fixed AGAIN, and the Jag is broke down, probably forever lol... Anyway, Charles couldn't get home in time, so she had no way there. I told her we would get something special for supper for take out or something since she missed it. I feel so horrible that it had to happen, but it couldn't be helped.


NannyOgg said...


I have been following your painting progress, and I am suitably impressed. Makes me wonder whether I should paint here, but I don't think I have reached that stage yet ^^

Well done!


Keppy said...

Its been fun, but exhausting for sure!

Anonymous said...

Dorothy is greatly proud of her little Toto