Wednesday, March 7

New Look Complete!

I think I'm happy with how everything looks now. The only thing left to do is to "activate" the buttons for Home, Email, and Links in the header - but I have to find my HTML editor to do that lol... Its on my old Mac and its in Columbus. :-)

It's taken me two days to get the header a way that I like, and this might not be the final version, but it's not too shabby for my first header, imho...


Jennifer said...

Wait a minute,.....where am I?? Am I at the right place?

Let me get this straight. Your house is clean, you've cooked several days in a row, you're knitting your Dad a hat and you've redesigned your blog? Your a freaking goddess! I think I hate you. Ha! Just kidding.

Keppy said...

LOL The house is not "CLEAN" but it's getting there... let's just say the trash collectors are earning their money from my house hahaha

Yes, I AM cooking - it's unbelievable even to me.

And the blog, that was relative simple, but yes, I am a goddess hahaha jk :-)

I'm a domestically challenged goddess in training wannabe :-)

Marigold said...

Looks great! I'm jealous ;)

O_Scientist said...


Well done!