Friday, March 16

Dishcloth Mania

The first two dishcloths I've made the past couple of days since I've been too sick to do much else. (As though you can't tell, one of them was made using scrap yarn I had laying around.) The third one is the 2nd F.O. I ever had. I had originally given this to my mom, but she didn't ever use it so she gave it back. Tsk Tsk Tsk... See if I make HER anything else... lol Oh, that reminds me, I gave the hat to my dad and he really liked it! I'm so happy! I didn't take any pics though, so I will try to snag a pic with it on his big red head! hehe

I have quite a stack of homemade dishcloths now. I'm loving them! I use them everyday. Obviously too much... see the hole in the blue cloth?? :-(

I got one more made tonight... I crocheted this one, and it was so much faster!

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