Sunday, February 11


Well.......... my parents drove all the way up here to check out the Buick. Yeah, it was a frikkin' dead battery!! Am I joking??? I wish I were. *sigh* But in my defense, it DID say "Unknown Driver" instead of "Driver #2" which it normally does, and the Security light was on when its usually off.

But, the whole ordeal was so relaxed and non-stressful it was "loverly". (Sometimes I get all weird when my dad is around cuz he likes to give me a hard time, but I know he loves me - somewhere inside there haha lol), I even SKIPPED when I got home. Yes, skipped. lol Sydney wanted to know what skipping looked like so I showed her, then Charles wanted to see me skip so I was skipping through the house. LOL Now I'm just about to go into cardiac arrest, but I'll be ok .........

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Anonymous said...

Did you sing too? Something like, uhm, maybe, Skip to my Lou, my darling?