Tuesday, February 13

Lime and Violet

Ok, so I've never in my life listened to a PodCast. I really wasn't even sure what it was - I had an idea, but hadn't went there myself. UNTIL TODAY. And let me tell you, Lime and Violet are my new heroes haha. They talk about knitting, yarn, life, they laugh, they cuss, they make fun, how much better could you possibly get?????

I'm downloading all the previous PodCasts as I sit here typing listening to "Smells Like Hippies" and watching it sleet, ice, and snow outside.

Speaking of weather, I'm not really sure what to think. It hasn't snowed 12in or anything, in fact, the tops of the cars are snow-free. BUT, there is lots of snowfall, I think that the sleet/rain/ice/crap melted the snow off the cars. I haven't been out, but there are about 3in up the back sliding doors. I would estimate we got 4-6 inches so far. Its supposed to drop precipitation from the sky in one form or another for the next 12 hours or so.

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Crystal said...

I love them! L&V are my GIRLS!!!!! You have to listen to all of them it is hilarious. Well the Halloween one I didn't care for, but if you like scary movies you would find it funny. I post on their messag boards a lot too.