Thursday, February 22

Guess what I bought myself???????

GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Crystal, guess!!!)

An Addi Turbo! Wooooooot! (30", Sz2)

I stopped by Mass Ave Knits and picked one up on the way home from FACE tonight. So, I played around a bit with the Magic Loop Method. Its not too hard, but just awkward; however, not maybe not as awkward as 5 dpns.


Crystal said...

Turbos! You don't need anything named didn't get those new Addi slowmos? hee hee
Seriously, bring these to the next meeting so I can take them to corner and caress and fondle them. ;)

Keppy said...

Ohhhhh I will!!!!!! I'll let you fondle them hahaah

Anonymous said...

Toto what HAVE you gotten yourslef into?? Maybe I better take my knitten back up after all!

Keppy said...

Yes, you should, I keep telling you that!